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Giant has nowhere to go

TMASTLP004 • Distributed by CARGO UK


Title : "A Giant Has Nowhere To Go Tongue Master Records Presents Selections From Comes With A Smile (2000-2006)"


(Side1) The Scene Is Now - ‘Words’ | Howe Gelb - ‘Wolf Pup’ | Mark Mulcahy - ‘Elephantine’  | Sigmatropic featuring Edith Frost - ‘Haiku 4 (Alt)’ | Mark Eitzel - ‘Bought A Book’ | The Real Tuesday Weld featuring Sephine Lo - ‘Dreaming of You’

(Side2) Lullaby For The Working Class - ‘In Defense Of Abstractions’ | Nina Nastasia - ‘I Will Never Marry’ | David Grubbs- ‘Aging Young Lovers’ | Brokeback With Chicago Underground Duo- ‘Chomsk, Live!’ | Blanche -‘Never Again (Demo)’ | Songs: Ohia - ‘Untitled’      

7-INCH: (Side 3)  The American Analog Set - ‘Everything Ends In Spring (Edit)’ (Side 4) Low - ‘Walk Into The Sea (Acoustic Version)’  


FORMAT: LP-140gm Vinyl + 7-inch vinyl + 4 page insert [Ltd Edition-500 Copies].

RELEASE DATE: 10-February-2023

CWAS magazine interview and LP feature in Pennyblack  Music


"A Giant Has Nowhere To Go: Tongue Master Records Presents Selections From Comes With A Smile (2000-2006)" is a celebratory vinyl-only release drawn from the magazine's sixteen cover-mounted compilation CDs. Across some 300 tracks, the magazine presented previously unheard tracks from its eclectic array of interviewees drawn from the worlds of the Singer Songwriter, Americana, Post-Rock, Electronica, and all things Indie.

Comes With A Smile's designer/editor Matt Dornan’s association with Tongue Master Records began with the first TM 7" and has continued to the present day. In some ways the association has come full circle with this curated release. The selections on this album represent the place where the worlds of Tongue Master and Cwas converge. Most remain exclusive to the magazine, and all appear on vinyl for the first time.

Side one features artists who appear in the Tongue Master discography - from established masters Mark Eitzel, Mark Mulcahy and Howe Gelb to the equally idiosyncratic stylings of New York’s The Scene Is Now, Athens’ Sigmatropic (featuring Edith Frost) and London’s cinematic The Real Tuesday Weld. The latter revisits a CWAS favourite, featuring a newly recorded vocal by Sephine Llo, exclusive to this release. Other contributions include intimate demos from Eitzel and Gelb (better known in embellished form by American Music Club and Giant Sand respectively), to standalone gems like Mulcahy’sElephantine” (which gives this collection its title) and the bruised avant-garde blues of The Scene Is Now’sThe Word”.

The tracks on side two and the accompanying 7” are a diverse selection drawn from the sixteen CDs CWAS issued between 2000 and 2006 that reflect and complement the oeuvre of Tongue Master Records. Here you will find the dense literature-infused art-folk of Lullaby For The Working Class, the sparse acoustic balladry of Nina Nastasia and the curious Matmos-enhanced stylings of veteran polymath and fellow New Yorker David Grubbs. In their wake comes an epic jazz-tinged duel between Douglas McCombs’s Brokeback and sometime labelmates Chicago Underground Duo, and the raw gothic Americana of Blanche. The LP concludes with a haunting lo-fi lament by the sorely missed Jason Molina in his Songs: Ohia guise. The 7" presents two further gems: a concise edit of the lengthy title track from a 2005 12” tour EP from CWAS regulars The American Analog Set, and an acoustic rendition of a track from the album ‘The Great Destroyer’ by shapeshifting veterans Low from the same year.

Together the fourteen tracks hint at the breadth of the CWAS archive, a treasure trove from a not-too-distant musical past. With full lyrics, a special four page insert tracing the history of the magazine, and an Alex Wharton Abbey Road cut, this quality release is a testament to the legacy of Comes With A Smile.

Probably the best independent music magazine in the world ‘– ESQUIRE

TMASTLP003 • Distributed by CARGO UK


Title: “Fly Stereophonic”

Tracks: (Side 1) Fly Stereophonic | Fade Sister Cool | Sharon Hill Shadows | Soundman | Cape Fear | Café Con Leche

              (Side 2) Death Trip | Eine Symphonie Des Grauens | The Slide  | Dead Poets | Chocolate City | Dancing Pants

FORMAT: LP - 180gm Clear Vinyl [Ltd Edition – 300 copies]


RELEASE DATE: 23-April-2022 [Record Store Day RSD2022]

Lida Husik interview in Pennyblack Music


Ex Washington DC native and now Portland Oregon resident LIDA HUSIK has her 1997 album 'Fly Stereophonic' released on vinyl for the first time. LIDA HUSIK'S versatile recording career has been graced by a broad pantheon of labels - the likes of Kramer's seminal NYC imprint SHIMMY DISC, CAROLINE RECORDS | ASTRALWERKS, ALIAS RECORDS and even an appearance on ROUGH TRADE SINGLES Club with multi-instrumentalist BEAUMONT HANNANT.

' Fly Stereophonic ' is LIDA HUSIK'S fifth album, another inventive slab with clever twists and turns. Raised on Washington DC's Punk scene, LIDA HUSIK'S 90's Indie Rock template has morphed from 1960s Psychedelia with 1970’s SciFi movie scores and even endorsing Electronica with her collaborative efforts with Ambient specialist BEAUMONT HANNANT .

This new vinyl version is a welcome format that enhances the breezy and balanced Pop Psychedelia and Folky gem that is ' Fly Stereophonic'. Laced with three solid minute dream pop confections and balanced with addictive melodies and quiet pop sensibilities. LIDA HUSIK'S personal stamp is surreal, mature, with catchy trippy hook laden guitar and a great seductive voice to match.

A treasure trove - ' Fly Stereophonic ' splendid celestial rhyme; the cosmic wobble of ' Fade Sister Cool '; the panoramic swoon of ' Chocolate City ' and the giddy cover of the MONOCHROME SET’S great masterpiece ' Eine Symphonie des Grauens ' all served with panache.

Mastered for vinyl at Abbey Road by Alex Wharton on limited edition 180g clear vinyl.

" three-minute confections that sound like pop hits from another galaxy " - SALON

" an alluring 34-minute seduction,  the songs revealing new layers of wonder with each listen " – CHICAGO TRIBUNE 

" as many psychedelicious, bouncing, organ-drenched pop hits as a Stereolab album " – TIME OUT NEW YORK

Mark Eitzel - Ugly American (new cover)
TMASTLP002 Distributed by CARGO UK


Title: “The Ugly American”

Tracks: (Side 1) Western Sky | Here They Roll Down | Jenny | Nightwatchman | Take Courage

             (Side 2) | Anything | What Good Is Love | Will You Find Me  | Last Harbor | Love’s Humming

FORMAT: LP - 180gm [Ltd Edition – 500 copies]


RELEASE DATE: 14-August-2020

FORMAT: LP - 180gm Blue Vinyl [Special US Ltd Edition – 500 copies]


RELEASE DATE: 19-March-2021

Manolis Famellos interview in Pennyblack Music


A lull after the electronically ambient album ‘ The Invisible Man ‘ (2001) MARK EITZEL’S recording output was followed by two releases: a covers album “ Music For Courage And Confidence “ (2002) and an album of solo and AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB songs re-interpretations “ The Ugly American “ (2003) performed by a band with traditional Greek musicians. The Ugly American ‘was originally mooted as an EP after an invitation to Athens, Greece to reinterpret certain songs under the guidance of respected local musician MANOLIS FAMELLOS. The trip to Athens (Greece) materialized in November 2001 and a full-blown 10 track album was agreed. The subsequent album was recorded and released in 2003 on cd only. Seventeen years later, with a rejigged artwork and an Abbey Road cut, ‘The Ugly American ‘is unveiled for the first time on vinyl.

The ten tracks cover a varied period of MARK EITZEL’S solo output, the cult band AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB albums, and a sole composition from MANOLIS FAMELLOS (‘Love’s Humming’). All songs were recorded with the addition of traditional Greek instruments (bouzouki, tzouras, Cretan lyra & zournas) under the guidance of MANOLIS FAMELLOS and his band. At a time were AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB albums were hard to obtain re-interpretations of ‘Western Sky’, ‘Last Harbour’ and ‘Jenny’ were treated with effervescence and stunning new arrangements. ‘Anything ‘(originally on ‘ The Invisible Man ‘) as a stark and bleak electronica track, is now heightened to a majestic instrumentation opus. The album retains the heartfelt tales of sadness that you would expect from self-deprecating MARK EITZEL in a Folk and pastoral context.

Before the album was even recorded, the trip to Greece was deemed in certain quarters as controversial, an ‘unnecessary excursion’ with cries of ‘sacrilege’ buoyed on by a skewered conception of Greek music, thus expecting a ‘freak novelty’. Today this beautiful recording is revered for its haunting arrangements and MARK EITZEL’S deep warm and rich vocal delivery. A revisionist detour that casts MARK EITZEL’S impressive song-writing skills in a renewed and sparkling adaptations.

·       Cut for vinyl at Abbey Road by Alex Wharton  


grace and beauty that few can match ‘ – HOT PRESS

This is not the most obvious coupling…but it’s a beautiful affair nonetheless ‘ – TIME OUT



TMASTLP001  Distributed by CARGO UK


Title: “Flips (selected b-sides + rarities 1996-2004)

Tracks: (Side 1) Wireless| Slope| Sing Little Bird Sing |Someone/Where Else |Big Black Car | Blue Star Fading |Two Halves Of A Whole |I’ll Think Of It Today |

           (Side 2) The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down | Blue Formation | In A Head | Silent Mostly | Drifting | Lazy Old Sun | Rachael | Dried Up Well

FORMAT: LP - 180gm [Very Ltd Edition – 300 copies]


RELEASE DATE: 22-April-2017 [Record Store Day RSD2017]

Broken Dog interview in Pennyblack Music


BROKEN DOG were CLIVE PAINTER and MARTINE ROBERTS, an ethereal, mysterious, experimental London outfit, melding star splintered dust whispered breath with ice, fire, gentle groove, spike and stagger of guitar. Martine and Clive's rich musical influence also made its mark via an array of collaborations with other experimental bands of the period from the hub of their home studio Animal, including TRAM, MONOGRAPH, PACIFIC RADIO, THE 99 CALL and THE REAL TUESDAY WELD. As BROKEN DOG they gifted us with their unique strain of sublime, reflective lo-fi: a hypnotic folk psychedelia. Whilst sounding like nothing else, Martine's breathy vocals and Clive's complex guitar tapestries saw them often favourably bracketed in with the spirit of bands from, across the water such as MAZZY STAR and TRESPASSERS WILLIAM. ‘FLIPS (selected b-sides + rarities 1996-2004) stands as a long testament to their rich understated palette of diverse moods and sublime melancholia, from hushed instrumentals such as ‘Blue Star Fadingand ‘Rachael’ to the dreamy blissed out moments of ‘In A Head’ or ‘I’ll Think Of It Today’. There are also 4 great covers included here: BIG STAR'sBig Black Car’, THE KINKSLazy Old Sun’, THE LEFT BANKE'sSing Little Bird Sing’ and THE BAND'sThe Night They Drove Old Dixie Down’. This is a very limited edition vinyl pressing, a fitting testament to great hidden treasure of a band.

  • DMM Mastered at Abbey Road by Alex Wharton


 One of Britain’s most underrated bands laid out a glacial sonic terrain of muzzy, jangling guitars, hushed vocals and bleak yet beautiful songs.” SUNDAY TIMES

 " ... Broken Dog are, nevertheless, a warped, experimental version of Mazzy Star " - Q Magazine

" Is this music or is it an oil painting? Either way, this is art in the most literal sense " - MAGNET

" Martine Roberts' breathy tones remind you of an anglicised Julee Cruise " – MOJO

TONG009  Distributed by CARGO UK

Title: " Every Soul Is A Boat "

Not All Roads (sung by Akis Boyatzis)
Every Soul Is A Boat (sung by Mick Harvey)
Noon And Midnight (sung by Akis Boyatzis)
The Game (sung by Akis Boyatzis)
That Throne In Your Heart (sung by Jim White)

FORMAT: 12-inch Orange Vinyl [1,000 copies numbered]
RELEASE DATE: 18 - April – 2015 [Record Store Day RSD2015]


Our first foray into the world of RECORD STORE DAY releases is a limited edition action packed 12-inch orange vinyl E.P. For one day only – Saturday, April 18 2015 (RSD 2015), this exclusive beautiful recording will be unveiled to a string of select independent record stores in Europe & the United States. The band honouring this exciting release is SIGMATROPIC together with some great guest appearances. Despite the limited amount of releases under the guise of SIGMATROPIC band, the moniker for veteran musician AKIS BOYATZIS, there has been a lengthy list of guest appearances from a diverse array of artists on most releases. On the 2003 opus ‘Sixteen Haiku & Other Stories’ alone, eighteen amazing musicians graced this astonishing Folktronica Soundscape in memory of the Nobel Laureate GEORGE SEFERIS. To introduce yourself as a relative newcomer, with an international release, and with guest vocalist such as Robert Wyatt, Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab), Alejandro Escovedo, Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Cat Power, John Grant, Mark Eitzel, Howe Gelb & Steve Wynn – to name a few - is no mean feat.

For this desirable Record Store Day 2015 ditty, AKIS BOYATZIS unveils 5 composed tracks, for which he sings on 3. Once again, SIGMATROPIC manage to attract guests vocalists that appear on music far removed from their customary treadmills. The other tracks have 2 great & diverse guests contributing on the vocal duties: Ex-(NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS) & Australian legend MICK HARVEY & from the other side of the spectrum US Southern Alternative Country great JIM WHITE (Wrong Eyed Jesus (The Mysterious Tale Of How I Shouted)). Always hard to describe & pinpoint the music of SIGMATROPIC: It fluctuates from Rock to Electronica with elements of twinkled upbeat Mediterranean whirls & woozy summery melancholia. This 12-inch EP is a breezy & punchy platter, with MICK HARVEY singing a commanding & very catchy tune (‘Every Soul Is A Boat’) whilst AKIS BOYATZIS does justice to the 12-inch vinyl vibe with a real thumper (‘Noon & Midnight’). JIM WHITE adds some Southern warmth, storytelling, lyric & music contribution. Together with a surprise package: family members backing on spooky vocals, with a dreamy majestic finale on (‘The Throne In Your Heart’). The visit to Bristol (UK) for AKIS BOYATZIS cemented this E.P production as it was all tallied up under the steady hand of local resident and very accomplished all rounder, JOHN PARISH (P. J. Harvey) who Mixed this EP; making it once again a truly international affair for SIGMATROPIC.

  • Arranged an Produced by Akis Boyatzis

  • Additional Production John Parish

  • Mixed by John Parish & Ali Chant at ToyBox Studios Bristol

  • DMM Mastered at Abbey Road by Alex Wharton

  • Not available on any other formats


TONG008 Distributed by CARGO UK


Title:  ‘ Low Birthweight Child ‘ | ‘The Cottage That We Rented Had a Name
FORMAT: 7-inch vinyl

RELEASE DATE: 10 – December – 2012


A beloved & legendary American singer songwriter is on our next limited 7-inch release. Our label has always been a fan of the former MIRACLE LEGION frontman MARK MULCAHY & was privileged to have his contribution on the 2003 SIGMATROPIC album ‘ Sixteen Haiku & Other Stories ‘ & the 2 track subsequent exclusive remix 12-inch ‘ Could That Be The Voice? ‘. So we are really excited to have the first musical contribution from the Springfield, Massachusetts resident since his third solo 2005 album ‘In Pursuit Of Your Happiness ‘. Extremely proud, not only as this is an exclusive single for Tongue Master & a very interesting different musical direction for MULCAHY, but also because he is making a much anticipated foray back into the music world after the dark event of 2008: MARK MULCAHY put everything on hold to look after his children following the tragic death of his wife. ‘Low Birthweight Child ‘ & ‘The Cottage That We Rented Had a Name ‘ are two gems that will delight the many fans, as there is an appearance of an instrument not prominent on past recorded glories – the keyboard. The breathy, acrobatic, sensual voice remains playfully intact, but the stereo speakers also glow with the warmth of the piano sound that is a perfect embrace. The B-Side ‘Cottage That We Rented Had a Name‘ , is woozy, sublime & Soulful reminiscent of 70s analogue sound, parallel to the world of LIAM HAYES (aka PLUSH). Not sure if MULCAHY was wearing flared pants & wide-lapelled jacket & sporting massive sideburns during this recording, nevertheless it is a timeless slab & a euphoric moment. Low Birthweight Child‘ is MULCAHY in a commanding vocal presence in a fine tempo strut. Another vocal delivery that reminds us why it is much-lauded by the likes of THOM YORKE (Radiohead), MICHAEL STIPE (R.E.M), J MASCIS (Dinosaur Jnr) & author NICK HORNBY, to name a few. At the time of this release MULCAHY will, make a long-awaited return to the UK in December, for the first time since 2005, with a mini tour climaxing at All Tomorrow's Parties and THE NATIONAL - who as curators of this year's festival have recently invited Mark to perform there.


TMAST008 Distributed by CARGO UK

Title: " Magpie Alarm "
RELEASE DATE: 14 - February – 2011

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Admirers of Red Krayola, The Residents or Pere Ubu and anything to do with Avant- Garde Rock will be happy to see the legendary New York band THE SCENE IS NOW releasing another album. Formed in the early 1980’s & caught between the fascinating New York City scene ‘NO WAVE’ & New Wave, THE SCENE IS NOW have retained an interesting but secretive aura by releasing few but excellent albums since that period. Originally from Minneapolis, the band nucleus Phil Dray and Chris Nelson were submerged in this New York scene as ‘Dadaist Marxist Art-Terrorists ‘THE INFORMATION ‘ together with co-founder drummer Jim Sclavunos (Teenage Jesus & The Jerks | Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds | Grinderman). By the mid-Eighties the Minneapolis gang had evolved into a NYC boho outfit called THE SCENE IS NOW. PHIL DRAY & CHRIS NELSON always remained as the core with the band having a fluid membership of excellent and sharp musicians in their past such as Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu), Will Rigby (The Db’s), Elliot Sharp & Sue Garner to name a few. Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo fame famously had stated ‘You Can Never Say Enough About The Scene Is Now‘ at the time his band had covered a THE SCENE IS NOW composition ‘Yellow Sarong‘on their classic ‘ Fakebook ‘ album.  As a label we concur with Mr.Kaplan on this much heralded comment as THE SCENE IS NOW, despite not being very prolific with their material, when they do release an album it is always a surprising quirky sensation.

THE SCENE IS NOW breeze through difficult genres and create diligent music which is in stark contrast to the commercial New Wave and Underground bands of their day. There is no false sense of simplicity here. Phil Dray is an accomplished author in his own right on the side & together with fellow wordsmith Chris Nelson they create a beautiful awkwardness, knotty tunes dressed with sharp intellect. Chris Nelson’s booming and crackly voice is the perfect topping to their exotic slices. Australian label Lexicon Devil recently reissued the legendary BarNone albums from the past ‘ Burn All Your Records ‘, ‘ Total Jive ‘ & ‘ Tonight We Ride ‘ & it is the perfect time to continue with new release ‘ Magpie Alarm ‘. As with their last album ‘ Songbirds Lie ‘ (2004), this album has more beef to its bones as there is a significant horn section & baritone sax to the proceedings. The 4 members that currently comprise the rest of the band are: Greg Peterson (Guitar and Vocals), Steve Levi (Cornet), Ryan Walsh (Bass) & Chery Kingan (Baritone Sax). From their observatory The Scene Is Now continue their edgy and twisted NYC sightings and stories, in the same vein as ‘ Songbirds Lie ‘ but in a more melancholic and subdued manner. Tight arrangements and wordy meanderings are still in abundance making ‘Magpie Alarm’ another gem from New York’s ‘secret sophisto’ outfit. Like a comet a sighting of THE SCENE IS NOW is a rare but an enlightening reminder for the Downtown artisans.


TONG007 • Distributed by CARGO UK

Tracks: " Ruth,Roses And Revolvers " | " Eve "
FORMAT: 7-inch white vinyl [Very Limited Edition]
RELEASE DATE: 16 February - 2010


‘Antique Beat’ comes to Tongue Master as we are proud to present an action-packed limited edition release from London based smoothsters The Real Tuesday Weld. For the first time on vinyl, ‘ Ruth, Roses And Revolvers ‘, a track from their celebrated ‘ alternative soundtrack ‘ to the 1946 Hans Richter surrealist cult film ‘ Dreams That Money Can Buy ‘. (*) The Real Tuesday Weld did an intriguing alternative soundtrack accompaniment to this BFI blessed classic complimenting this Dadaist & Avant-Garde segmented film which has writer contributions from legendary surrealists such as Hans Richter, Max Ernst, Man Ray & Marcel Duchamp amongst others.

Ruth, Roses And Revolvers‘ features the words of Man Ray, the music of The Real Tuesday Weld & the guest appearances of Uk based Brazilian chauntese Cibelle & self-proclaimed dandy & alchemist David Piper as narrators. This perfect blend results in a ditty that is a brisk ‘Zappa-esque’ strut, reminiscent of the Mothers Of Invention, full of swagger, wit, banter & tight arrangements which would have had made the 'great moustache' proud.

The Real Tuesday Weld has previously performed this beautifully hypnotic soundtrack to accompany screenings of the film at the NFT, The Tate Modern and at the Moscow Film Festival. This limited edition release, featuring stills from the film on the sleeve artwork, is a perfect compliment to the soundtrack. The B-side features The Real Tuesday Weld band with Stephen Coates crooning a slick version of ‘Eve ‘ recorded live in Dublin. Released on yummy white vinyl.

(*) ‘Dreams That Money Can Buy‘ is part of the BFI Video’s A History Of The Avant-Garde series, which features the best of radical and innovative filmmaking


TMAST007 • Distributed by CARGO UK

Title: " Dark Outside "

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Click on link for Sigmatropic Interview


It is quite a rare thing to find a debut album, by a non US/UK artist, to have such an impressive array of musical guest vocalists. But that is what happened in 2003, with Sigmatropic & internationally acclaimed debut: ‘Sixteen Haiku & Other Stories’. This album had an astonishing 20 guest musicians singing the Haiku poetry of Nobel laureate George Seferis on a spellbinding musical odyssey. Diverse artists such as Robert Wyatt, Mark Eitzel, Howe Gelb, Alejandro Escovedo, Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Cat Power & Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab), to name a few, appeared on a beautiful sprawl of music created by main Sigmatropic henchman Akis Boyatzis. This haunting soundtrack-like album was exotic & far removed from the customary musical travails of the acclaimed guests. Nevertheless they all agreed in unison that they were honoured to be apart this dazzling fusion of Mediterranean folktronica with its swirly twinkly electronica. It was a challenge they enjoyed & cherished.

Armed with the international acclaim of the album Akis Boyatzis embarked on producing & writing a major part of Carla Torgerson’s (Walkabouts) solo debut ‘Saint Stranger’ (Glitterhouse). His talent is etched all over this album which has some sublime moments of Can-like tinged grooves. A twee Country Folk album it isn’t!

On the new Sigmatropic album ‘Dark Outside’, it is immediately apparent that Akis Boyatzis is in a buoyant mood & is making a mark as a great singer as well. The ‘Sixteen Haiku & Other Stories ‘is more of a themed album and as a long musical odyssey that it is, it only featured Boyatzis on several vocal tracks. On ‘Dark Outside’ Akis Boyatzis unveils a mature & compact contemporary album balanced between his own & guest artists’ vocal duties. There is an additional Sigmatropic member introduced as well, vocalist Anna Karakalou, who injects a breathy & sensual tone. There is a sterling guest cast as well with vocal participations from: Robert Fisher (Willard Grant Conspiracy), Howe Gelb, Carla Torgerson (Walkabouts) & Jim Sclavunos (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / Grinderman / Vanity Set). Mixed by Ian Caple (Tindersticks, Tricky), ‘Dark Outside’ is a fluid album that combines the dreamy aspects of Electronica & Rock elements together. Robert Fisher excels in participating in 2 tracks as you have never heard him before! In ‘Song In My Wallet’  he is in a Gospel toned & commanding role singing over a majestic toe-tapping groove, as in ‘Blue Side Of The Sun‘ we find him engaged in Eighties Power Pop mode. A stern Howe Gelb is in a Trip-Hop vibe together with Anna Karakalou in ‘White’ as Jim Sclavunos delivers ‘Ours At Least’ with the aplomb reminiscent to Michael Gira’s legendary ‘mellow’ Swans phase.

But Akis Boyatzis does complement the visitors contributions with some great vocal deliveries of his own, such as on the magical & playful EE Cummings poem ‘Maggie And Milly and Molly And May’, the stark & sombre intro ‘Position One’ or the tight & spiky ‘New Life’.

It has been a 4 year wait since the excellent Sigmatropic release ‘Sixteen Haiku & Other Stories’, but ‘Dark Outside’ delivers a cracking second shot which will undoubtedly ensure Sigmatropic cement their reputation as an innovative & creative force.


TMAST006 • Distributed by CARGO UK


Title: " Pinkwood  "
RELEASE DATE: 05 - JUNE - 2006

Exclusive Vinyl Version


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Swelling in haze of Hammond organs, Rhodes piano, trembling bells, and hypnotic guitars, Seekonk sets the mood for another album that takes you on a journey. Full of slow blooming melodies, heavy pop concoctions, and some majestic and delicate twists and turns, ‘Pinkwood’ is a collection of expansive pop songs. Seekonk is the sort of band that avoids easy categorization, while they remain immanently listenable and engaging throughout all their phases and faces. ‘Pinkwood’ traces their trajectory with warmth of good old-fashioned analog recording. It will keep you moving right alongside them as they suspend pulse and mind with a purpose and direction that rewards with every listen. Sarah Ramey’s crystal vocal delivery is so soothing, like a cool icicle, it prods & effortlessly compliments each glorious track. Continuing down an atmospheric, strangely nostalgic path, Seekonk returns with eight gracefully powerful songs about fuckin' up. This is ‘Pinkwood’…

Seekonk was formed in the cold winter months of 2002 in Portland Maine. A sleepy, forlorn & misty US Atlantic coast town: a suitable backdrop for the fans that appreciate the style of music of Low or Mazzy Star. Starting out as a three piece and playing only a handful of shows. Since then with the addition of two more members to round out the ensemble, Seekonk released their debut record ‘For Barbara Lee’ on Kimchee Records in late 2003 to rave radio and press reviews.

Not bad for a debut release! ‘For Barbara Lee’ charted as high as #22 on the CMJ Top 200. After extensive touring in the US and Canada, happily gracing the stage with such acts as: Nels Cline, Carla Bozulich, Thalia Zedek, Dead Meadow, The Radar Bros, Andrew Bird, & Picastro. Seekonk with their latest record ‘Pinkwood’ will undoubtedly ensure they are now also embraced in the UK & Europe as well.


Title: " Hold Fast, Pioneer "
RELEASE DATE: 21 - February - 2005

Tour Dates

Exclusive Version

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TMAST005 Distributed by CARGO UK


Hailing from Manchester, LAST HARBOUR are a secretive 5 piece collective. Their self-produced new album, "Hold Fast, Pioneer", a meticulous and beautiful UK debut, is released and unveiled on Tongue Master Records. This is the first full length, UK release from the band, following the rare 7", "Hidden Songs" and the French
released "An Empty Box Is My Heart" and 2002's "The Host Of Wild Creatures", ("Bewitching."- Uncut Magazine). LAST HARBOUR have returned with an album of mature beauty and confidence that will undoubtedly capture their deserved attention within the UK.

Revolving around the core partnership of singer Kevin Craig and guitarist David Armes, this intrinsically English band have an atmospheric, cinematic sound, drawing comparisons to such luminaries as THE TINDERSTICKS and LINCOLN. With the deadpan style of Kevin Craig's vocal and the intricate compositions of guitar, piano, violin and a range of other instruments and samples, LAST HARBOUR meld together Michael Gira's late SWANS projects with LOW, NICK CAVE and TOM WAITS, resulting in a unique and unsettling soundscape.

Playing epic songs, at once harsh and intimate, using instrumentation traditionally associated with folk music,
LAST HARBOUR hammer and sculpt their music into unusual and beguiling forms. This is music with a strong emotional content, both bitter and beautiful. Their obvious love of film, literature and visual art is expressed on the choice of bleak winter Eastern European landscapes that adorn the album
artwork. Included with the album is a short film "The Note". Filmed by Kevin Craig, during the writing of "Hold Fast, Pioneer", this black and white short film combines stop-frame animation and painted overlays to tell the story of an unnamed protagonist with an unnameable problem in his ceiling. Inspired by Czech animation and
James Whale, "The Note" features a fully improvised soundtrack from Last Harbour.

Some of the bands LAST HARBOUR have shared stages in the recent past:

Michael Gira & Devendra Banhart | Califone | Josh T Pearson (Lift To Experience) | Boxhead Ensemble | Telstar Ponies | Dirty Three | The Handsome Family


Title: " Songbirds Lie "
RELEASE DATE: 23 - August - 2004

Tour Dates

Exclusive Version

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TMAST004 Distributed by CARGO UK


Tongue Master is very happy to have a legendary New York band THE SCENE IS NOW and their new album as an official release - " Songbirds Lie ". Without doubt THE SCENE IS NOW is one of the most mysterious and secretive bands ever to come out of New York City. For the last 22 years this outfit has only released 5 albums, and all of them very hard to obtain here in Europe. It has been more than necessary to be apart of their first-ever UK release.

THE SCENE IS NOW have often been compared to the likes of Pere Ubu, Red Crayola, Half Japanese or The Residents, but most people discovered them through the Yo La Tengo classic album "Fakebook", on which Yo La Tengo covered a THE SCENE IS NOW song "Yellow Sarong". This ever-revolving outfit has always been spirited by the two main nucleus members: singer/trombonist/guitarist CHRIS NELSON & keyboardist PHILIP DRAY. Both NELSON & DRAY - originally from Minneapolis - got started in the New York NO-WAVE scene of the late 70's with the band INFORMATION. NELSON also had a parallel career at a later stage with the band MOFUNGO, which also included the internationally known composer ELLIOT SHARP. Since then they have continued evolving, and established an enduring legacy with THE SCENE IS NOW. "Songbirds Lie" is probably the most cohesive and sharp THE SCENE IS NOW album to date. The tangled rhythms, cheap keyboard sounds and NELSON'S cracked vocal style still dominate the proceedings, and the sound is very reminiscent of early PERE UBU. CHRIS NELSON always manages to blend his commanding literary vocabulary into ironic & poetic lyrics within each song while displaying a snappy and excellent sense of humour. The new release features a brilliant rhythm section as well: East Coast band veterans SUE GARNER and ROBERT DENNIS guest as the "Honky Ass Punks".

"Songbirds Lie " provides plenty of twists & turns for the fans that like their music adventurous and spiked with avant-garde digressions. Various New York stories unfold and one can envisage the late night diners, the lazy Sunday afternoons in the Village or the spring drives out to Brooklyn. "Songbirds Lie " is one of those albums only a New York band exposed to the experimental underbelly of the city can delve out. THE SCENE IS NOW is an artsy bohemian band far removed from any trend & their original material avoids certain hackneyed rock and roll ideas both musically & lyrically. Unpolished, " Songbirds Lie " is a blazing album that has retained an outsider edge and is a necessary instalment for those who still desire music that is genuine, ironic & unusually great.


Title: " Could That Be The Voice? "
Haiku One (sung by Mark Mulcahy)
Haiku Ten (sung by Carla Torgerson)
Haiku Fifteen (sung by James William Hindle)
Haiku Four (sung by Mark Mulcahy)
Haiku Eleven (sung by Edith Frost)
12-inch Vinyl [very limited edition]
RELEASE DATE: 19 - April - 2004


TONG 006 Distributed by CARGO UK


Not so long ago we saw the international release of the album “ 16 Haiku & Other Stories “ by the band SIGMATROPIC. Collections of poems by Nobel laureate George Seferis grace the sensual sounds of this soundtrack-like hour long sprawl. Eighteen guest musicians appear on this historic gathering and each vocalise their favourite poem to the backdrop of SIGMATROPIC. Some outstanding & diverse guests such as Robert Wyatt, Cat Power, Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Howe Gelb, Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab) & Mark Eitzel compliment an awesome line up from both sides of the Atlantic. Akis Boyatzis is the force behind SIGMATROPIC who put this English album version as a complimentary version to the original project – of the same material – that came out in Greek. The poet upon whose work the album is based, George Seferis, was born at the turn of the last century and was a Literature Nobel Prize winner. His early work explored a way of rendering the Japanese tradition of the Haiku poetry into a European framework. “ 16 Haiku & Other Stories “ is a unique album project that has brought many diverse musicians from far-flung corners of the world to sing on a piece of music that is removed from their customary craft. The chilled Ambient Electronica soundscapes that embrace the sung poetry has been universally praised with all 21 Poetry tracks on the album having been played on radio stations around the world.

When the 18 guest vocalists were approached to participate on this album, some were so impressed & excited with the material that they contributed their vocals to more tracks instead of one! From the “ treasure trove “ of the rich overflow of vocal takes we can now present a great 12-inch EP called “ Could That Be The Voice? “. On this EP 5 Haiku versions are performed by SIGMATROPIC together with 4 guest artists that appeared on “ 16 Haiku & Other Stories “ each singing on tracks from the album they did NOT vocalise themselves on the original offering. On this balanced EP there are two tracks from MARK MULCAHY, and one each from CARLA TORGERSON (Walkabouts), EDITH FROST & JAMES WILLIAM HINDLE.

MARK MULCAHY starts each side of this EP with two high tempo offerings “ Haiku One “ & “ Haiku Four “. The latter is the only track that is an “ extended remix “. Both tracks feature some sublime rhythm beats with a taste of Mediterranean “ folktronica “. CARLA TORGERSON’S version is “ Haiku10 “, features an outstanding and unforgettable New Order-ish intro. JAMES WILLIAM HINDLE is the sole UK representative on this EP, and he vocalises a spiralling & hypnotic “ Haiku 15 “. EDITH FROST ends the affair with an icy, twisted & haunting rendition of “ Haiku 11 “.

For those who have not yet plunged into this musical odyssey “ Could That Be The Voice? “ is an excellent value 12-inch introduction to the awesome album by SIGMATROPIC “ 16 Haiku & Other Stories “. For the initiated, this is another chance to marvel at this beautiful music but with the rare new vocal versions.

On limited edition 12-inch 180 gsm vinyl only.


Title: " Harmonia "
RELEASE DATE: 16 - February - 2004

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TMAST 003 Distributed by CARGO UK

BROKEN DOG return with their fifth album "Harmonia" Elusive duo Clive Painter & Martine Roberts re-emerge from their holed up solitary den with their fifth album called "Harmonia". It has been a long wait since their last full-length release in 2001, although both Clive and Martine have appeared to us through their associations with the likes of (The Real) TUESDAY WELD, MONOGRAPH / PACIFIC RADIO, & the international SIGMATROPIC project. Clive has also taken time out from Broken Dog to record and release the instrumental album "Rocket Science" under the guise of WOLF.

The latest Broken Dog album "Harmonia" finds the band in a dark and reflective mood; a hint of psychedelia peppers the songs and Martine's vocals are as haunting as ever. Mellow and sublime slow burners such as "I Do Not Trouble" & "The Sound Of Feeling Of Home" are sculptured gems. The album has some sparkling and glorious moments such as "Waiting For Something Big" and the much-played John Peel favourite "Radios".

BROKEN DOG’S sound has always been a trip through mellow folk rhythms and hypnotic icy soundscapes. Clive Painter's multi instrumental delivery is as focused as ever whilst Martine Roberts carves out her uniquely inimate style to chilling effect. This is a welcome return for a band much admired. "Harmonia" will not disappoint those who have been patiently waiting for this new offering from a most addictive and introspective band. What they have previously said about BROKEN DOG and their music:

" ... Broken Dog are, nevertheless, a warped, experimental version of Mazzy Star " - Q Magazine

" Is this music or is it an oil painting? Either way, this is art in the most literal sense " - MAGNET

" Martine Roberts' breathy tones remind you of an anglicised Julee Cruise " - MOJO


Title: "Sixteen Haiku And Other Stories"
RELEASE DATE: 06 - October - 2003

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Exclusive Versions


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TMAST 002 Distributed by CARGO UK


We are very excited to announce the release of a truly special and beautiful album. More like an international project. It took some time to complete, but it is a unique listening proposition nonetheless.

Back in 2001 SIGMATROPIC had the idea to create a sprawling and magical musical trip: a musical accompaniment to an imaginary journey. The album " 16 Haiku & Other Stories " is based on the Japanese chopped up poetry style Haiku. But this isn't just any poetry. This music is based on the work of the great Nobel laureate GEORGE SEFERIS. His Haiku poetry, in which he had adopted in his early life, was an ideal inspiration to a musical adventure that involves all the elements of nature. The wisdom & simplicity of these short poems float around the embracing music in a carefree manner. Anyone that has travelled through the majestic Aegean and experienced the sea and stars will clearly identify with SEFERIS'S colourful observations. AKIS BOYATZIS is the nucleus of SIGMATROPIC and has created an atmospheric musical odyssey that invites this poetry wordplay. His programming skills weave an ethereal spell full of Spartan peaks and bleak terrains. The voiceovers float around like a magic wand spelling out stories about colours, nature and the seasons. The soundtrack " feel " quality of this recording is grainy and mystical and ideally compliments the masterful poetry.

After this album was released in its original format in Greek, early 2002, spurred on with its success AKIS BOYATZIS stuck his neck out enough to boldly extend an invitation to overseas musicians: to recreate the spirit of this album, retaining the same music with the same poetry translated into English. And thus here is the English version of his original dream. Eighteen vocalists from diverse musical backgrounds and from far flung cities, each choosing and singing their favourite Haiku. Each individual vocal is a sparkling testament that has enriched this international project, which features an outstanding and diverse range of cult alternative vocalists from both sides of the Atlantic, instantly making this one of the greatest albums ever to come out of Greece.

Together with SIGMATROPIC & AKIS BOYATZIS the full guest vocal line up for " 16 Haiku & Other Stories " is a truly awesome musical motley crew:

* The finished album will include a little film ditty with SIGMATROPIC, & friends fooling around on the legendary island of Patmos. Apart from AKIS BOYATZIS'S " colourful " shirt and Julia the odd donkey, you will also spot CARLA TORGERSON as well. It is a little musical taster to what is on the album.

* Initial quantities of the album will carry a bonus disc that will feature alternate version and remixes that are not of the album. Artists scheduled to be on the bonus disc are ROBERT WYATT, EDITH FROST, HOWE GELB & CARLA TORGERSON.

* At the time of the album release an exclusive 12-inch single will also be issued. This limited edition single will contain exclusive vocal versions & takes that are not featured on the album. Artists scheduled to have their alternate versions featured are EDITH FROST, JAMES WILLIAM HINDLE, MARK MULCAHY & CARLA TORGERSON.

Licensed for the UK on behalf of Hitch-Hyke Music Ltd


Tracks: "Here Come The Baloons " / " They Say Man Cannot Fly "
FORMAT: 7-inch vinyl [ Limited Edition ]
10 – March - 2003

TONG 005 Distributed by CARGO UK


Nebraska is the American state famous for its wide open spaces, as seen in stark black and white through the windshield on the cover of Bruce Springsteen's 1980 spartan & bleak album of the same name. More recently, Nebraska has become known as the home to Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes fame. But Nebraska is also the home of the singer-songwriter who Oberst has cited time and again as his major influence, John Peel favourite SIMON JOYNER.

SIMON JOYNER digs deep in his treasure chest and unearths two new songs for us. Too good to be neglected, this unpolished gem should undoubtedly be a double AA side single. Both sides providing unexpected twists and turns with the signature pace only JOYNER orchestrates so well. " Here Come The Balloons " & " They Say Man Cannot Fly " are both moody & brittle with unconventional song structures and a subtle pop sensibility. Mysterious thumps and rattles and voices are woven into the background amidst electric guitars and the echo of percussion. On top of it all is the rarely triumphant but eternally hopeful sound of Joyner's voice announcing "Here come the balloons inflated with words, they reach for the moon, they chase down the birds, and who am I to say they've just lost their way?"

SIMON JOYNER is a tantalisingly tender talent who has spent over a decade (and ten full-length albums) flying gracefully under commercial radar, where his art has continued to evolve, to the haunting effect displayed on this exclusive single.


Title: The Ugly American
RELEASE DATE: 03 February - 2003

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TMAST 001 Distributed by CARGO UK


You can't get any better album debuts for a new label like ours. And we are starting with a bang and a real gem. We are proud to present a MARK EITZEL album recorded in Greece! A musical expedition that already created a buzz. Without any lengthy prologues necessary, it is safe to state that MARK EITZEL is truly one of the greatest living singer songwriters today. A fact given his 15 year or so career as a solo artist and as the lead singer with legendary Californian cult band AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB.

What will astound fans and admirers alike is this landmark album recorded in Greece in November 2001. Far removed from the trials and tribulations of his familiar US & UK stomping grounds, MARK EITZEL visits Greece as a guest to a sincere musical invitation armed with a clean slate. What was to be a humble EP turns out to be a full-blown album of re-worked songs from his chequered past-but with a twist … Western culture meets Eastern in a bold and rich interpretation of EITZEL’S songs. Lists of songs, old and recent find a new lease of life amongst the warmth of traditional Greek instruments and the talented local musicians. All under the capable arrangements of respected Greek composer and producer MANOLIS FAMELLOS this project turns out to be a remarkable re-evaluation on EITZEL’S classic songs. FAMELLOS’S ringmaster guidance, together with his cohorts unveils a fertile textured instrumentation that enhances EITZEL’S past glorious songs without being an over-elaborated affair. None of the vocal angst or intense interpretation is missing from the songs, and the results are sparkling versions of EITZEL classics such as " Last Harbour ", " Jenny " & " Western Sky " with an astonishing clarity. Listeners are also rewarded with a new-ish EITZEL song " What Good Is Love " & with him also singing a FAMELLOS composition " Love’s Humming (Black Love) "."

The Ugly American " is a balanced album that taps into different periods of EITZEL’S song-writing career. This album is a coup and fans will soon know that this work is another indisputable testament to EITZEL’S song-writing skills and that it will become a sought item for years to come.

Licensed for the UK on behalf of Soul Sister Records, a division of Hitch-Hyke Music Ltd


Tracks: Camouflage / In Time
FORMAT: 7-inch vinyl [limited edition]
RELEASE DATE: 09 September - 2002

TONG 004 Distributed by CARGO UK


Mysterious downtempo duo Pinkie Maclure & John Wills return with this exclusive offering after a long hiatus which is their first release since their last acclaimed album " Memorial Crossing ". Having recently relocated to Scotland, they now emerge with new material inspired by their cinematic surroundings. "Camouflage " is a slow burner that builds up into a molten and sublime masterpiece of chilled out electronica. Pinkie Maclures vocals twist and turn, soaring and enveloping us with her haunting hooks. This song is a excellent prelude to their forthcoming and eagerly awaited new album and also a perfect indication that with their newly found stimulus they are set to soar.


Tracks: " Radios / Silent Mostly / Dried Up Well "
FORMAT: 7-inch vinyl [limited edition]
RELEASE DATE: 01 April - 2002

TONG 003 Distributed by CARGO UK



BROKEN DOG return with a trio of fresh new songs exclusive to Tongue Master. With " Radios " Clive Painter and Martine Roberts ensure their enduring sound retains a fixed spot on our pleasurable listening consciousness. Distant nostalgia that hovers around and swells like a vast projected image. Blissful, resonant, an ethereal harmony for a perfect musical therapy. This is an indomitable British response to the American campaign of lo-fi melancholia. BROKEN DOG are always in the process of regeneration and this trio of songs will complement their past critically acclaimed material.

Out on a very limited edition 7 inch vinyl.


Tracks: " Hear The Waves/Closer To You/Soul's On Ice"
FORMAT: 7-inch vinyl [limited edition]
RELEASE DATE: 26 November - 2001

TONG 002 Distributed by CARGO UK



Brother JT makes a very welcome return with an evangelical 7-inch release. Well known since the late 1980s as the lead singer of American cult band The Original Sins, John Terlesky has continued solo under the moniker Brother JT. His recordings and collaborations are numerous over the last years and it would be unfair for them to be placed under one musical banner. In their time The Original Sins were an excellent pre-grunge garage band with a few albums under their belt. " Big Soul " is still a sought after classic album full of mind curling expansive feedback. His Brother JT releases are more psych rock tinged and it can be said that Terlesky has successfully merged & balanced the " punk meets psychedelia " crossroad. His latest offering, " Hear The Waves " is a lo-fi gem. All 3 tracks on the single drone on wonderfully like a warm summer afternoon. The psychedelic influences are prevalent and enhanced with the analogue sound. It has the grainy ingredients of a raw melancholic vibe, which glows like a distant spiritual sermon. Brother JT weaves a slow and dreamlike delivery but is simple and effective. This is a stark world but well worth the trip



Tracks: " Jump In The Grave / Exit Music (For A Film) "
FORMAT: 7-inch vinyl [limited edition]
RELEASE DATE: 05 November - 2001

TONG 001 Distributed by CARGO UK



Bad Seed member James Sclavunos's side project The Vanity Set features an amazing collective of guest musicians. Together with his creative sidekick and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds drummer Thomas Wydler (ex-Die Haut), they have welcomed an array of participants: Kid Congo Powers, Sally Norvell, Larry Mullins (Iggy Pop), Daria Klotz (God Is My Co-Pilot), Pete Shore (Boss Hog) and Chris Pravdica (The Gunga Din). They provide a unique slice of weirdness meshing up a crux of musical styles. This NYC combo contribution to the 7-inch plateau is the track Jump In The Grave . A shambolic piece, " Jump In The Grave " is a stomping parade full of black humour and slurred drawls. This is a wonderful little bastard of a song that wants us to whistle away the glum day. James Sclavunos pedigree as a multi talented musician is enhanced, stamping his unique stain of NY moodiness and surpassing any Tom Waits or Leonard Cohen pseudo imitators.


In complete contrast, Sally Norvell lowers the tempo with this bizarre interpretation of the Radiohead song Exit Music (For A Film). She is well known for her previous recordings and tours with outfit Congo Norvell featuring legendary ex-Gun Club guitarist Kid Congo Powers and her duets with Mark Eitzel. Both Norvell and Powers have also been noticed and cast by cult film director Wim Wenders (Paris, Texas, Wings Of Desire). Now firmly part of the NYC music scene, Sally Norvell sings about love, treachery and death together with her unique experimental cabaret style and seductive whispers. She is joined here with gifted pianist Paul Wallfisch and as a solo act provides a bold interpretation of Radioheads song. Heading towards uncharted waters this version will definitely astound and bemuse Radiohead fans. This is bleak and crystal clear singing which underlines that Sally Norvell is a poignant singer with an immense vocal range.

Sleeve Artwork based on the original photographic work titled " Romaticism Is Ultimately Fatal " by Joanne Leonard (C)

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