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Distributed by CARGO UK

Tracks: " Ruth,Roses And Revolvers " | " Eve "
FORMAT: 7-inch white vinyl [ Very Limited Edition ]
RELEASE DATE: 16 February - 2010


‘Antique Beat’ comes to Tongue Master as we are proud to present an action-packed limited edition release from London based smoothsters The Real Tuesday Weld. For the first time on vinyl, ‘ Ruth, Roses And Revolvers ‘, a track from their celebrated ‘ alternative soundtrack ‘ to the 1946 Hans Richter surrealist cult film ‘ Dreams That Money Can Buy ‘. (*) The Real Tuesday Weld did an intriguing alternative soundtrack accompaniment to this BFI blessed classic complimenting this Dadaist & Avant-Garde segmented film which has writer contributions from legendary surrealists such as Hans Richter, Max Ernst, Man Ray & Marcel Duchamp amongst others.

Ruth, Roses And Revolvers‘ features the words of Man Ray, the music of The Real Tuesday Weld & the guest appearances of Uk based Brazilian chauntese Cibelle & self-proclaimed dandy & alchemist David Piper as narrators. This perfect blend results in a ditty that is a brisk ‘Zappa-esque’ strut, reminiscent of the Mothers Of Invention, full of swagger, wit, banter & tight arrangements which would have had made the 'great moustache' proud.

The Real Tuesday Weld has previously performed this beautifully hypnotic soundtrack to accompany screenings of the film at the NFT, The Tate Modern and at the Moscow Film Festival. This limited edition release, featuring stills from the film on the sleeve artwork, is a perfect compliment to the soundtrack. The B-side features The Real Tuesday Weld band with Stephen Coates crooning a slick version of ‘Eve ‘ recorded live in Dublin. Released on yummy white vinyl.


(*) ‘Dreams That Money Can Buy‘ is part of the BFI Video’s A History Of The Avant-Garde series, which features the best of radical and innovative filmmaking.



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